I have sacrificed much to achieve peace. So too must a new generation sacrifice to maintain that peace. Responsibility! Duty! Honour! These are not mere virtues to which we must aspire! They are essential to every soldier, to every king! 

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So this is actually a very long myth

One day, Odin decided he wanted to take Loki and another man called Hoenir out on one of his legendary wanders. They travel along a road and get hungry, and they find and kill a cow to eat. As they cook it, the three men quickly figure out for some reason the meat won’t cook. And then down comes an eagle, who promises to help them cook the meat if he can have a share first. They accept, because fuck, they’re actually really hungry.

As they watch him devour most of the cow, Loki loses his temper, striking the eagle with a stick - and the eagle shrieks in fury and grabs Loki, flying off with him. As they fly, the eagle strikes Loki against the ground over and over again. As he begs for mercy, the eagle promises to let him go if he swears an oath to bring Idunn and her apples. The eagle, as it turns out, is not an eagle, but Thiassi, a jotunn hunter, who tricked them all for Idunn and her apples. As the eagle continues to beat him, Loki eventually concedes and swears an oath to bring Idunn and her apples to Thiassi if Thiassi stops beating him. 

Now anyone who studies Norse mythology knows that oaths are Big Fucking Deals and even Loki, for all his trickery, wouldn’t outright break an oath. So he lures Idunn out to Thiassi’s castle, and leaves her there with the Jotun, freeing him of his oath as he had fulfilled it.

But, once returned, he obviously is not in good standing with the Aesir. So he promises to get Idunn back. He uses Freya’s feathered cloak to fly to Thiassi’s castle and rescues Idunn, turning her into a hazelnut and carrying her in falcon form. Even so, Thiassi’s much faster - but Loki always has a plan. Before he left, he told Odin to build firewood and pitch on top of Asgard’s walls and wait for Loki’s signal.

Loki makes it back just before Thiassi, and Thiassi is killed when Odin has his men light the fires, and he is burnt to a crisp in the flames.

All is well for a bit, until Thiassi’s daughter, Skadi, storms through. She’s naturally upset Loki killed Thiassi. Odin offers her something in consolation - and she asks for a husband to make her laugh again. Well, Odin knows she’ll chose Baldur [being Baldur the Beautiful and all that], and so says she can chose a husband from all of the Aesir - but only by their feet.  Skadi accepts gleefully. However, she doesn’t pick Baldur  - she picks a Vanir called Njord by accident. 

She’s furious, and pins Loki against the wall [knowing he was responsible] and threatens to kill him unless he makes her laugh. So, in a fit of desperation, he tells her a story about being unable to take a goat and a basket of fruit to the market because he needed to tie the goat so he could hold the fruit away from it, and seeing no other alternative, tied the goat to his dick. And even stages a demonstration, as the goat yanked one way and Loki the other. She laughs, even if it does take some pain from Loki, and they leave on somewhat good terms. Njord remained in his house by the ocean, and Skadi eventually returned to Thiassi’s castle in Jotunheim.

A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


"I’m so glad that I can~" He grinned, kissing her knuckles softly.

Sigyn chuckles lightly, playfully poking his arm. “Don’t get your hopes up though, you’ll still have to work more to earn a place in it.” Yes, she was still going to play hard to get. 



My sexuality is Tom Hiddleston doing push ups. 


A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


Loki smiled and started walking, so many things running through his brain. He could really take advantage of this but… “The only reward I need is to know you’re by my side, my darling.”

Sigyn knew she was forgetting about the original reason behind her spending time with him like this, because of her mother. But she was beginning to admit to herself that she was enjoying this, that she now actually wants to be with him, by his side. Her heart warmed up when he said that sentence. “Then so I will. You’re making your way into my heart, Loki.” 

A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


He smiled and offered his arm to her. “And, my dear, as promised, I am fully healed.”

The woman’s smile only widened more at his words, reaching to his back for a moment, running her hand down his armor, before taking his arm. “I’m glad, Loki. I was worried for you…” Then she straightened a little, giving a light squeeze to the hold of his arm. “But you’re better now. But also, I’ve been thinking… If you make it out alright of this tourney, maybe I’ll do one thing for you. Whatever you ask. But just one, as a reward.” 

A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


"She was born out of wedlock, by my great uncle’s mistress," Loki explained. He pulled in his tunic and magicked on the rest of his clothes and armor. "We’re going to be late for the tourney. Ready to go?"

"I see." Sigyn nodded after he explained, gazing at him while his armor appeared magically on him. It was beautiful how the light formed around his body and into the armor, fitting perfectly. Then she nodded and smiled softly. "Yes, ready."

A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


"She’s been with me since I was a child," Loki said, finishing the knot on the drawstrings on his pants. "She’s like a second mother to me." He grabbed his shirts, sighing as he though of Frigga. "She’s actually my second cousin. Well, half second cousin…"

"It’s nice to have someone like her then." Sigyn commented, catching the last part of his comment. "Half? Why is that?" The goddess stepped closer to him, head tilted lightly to the side in curiosity. 

A not so chance encounter // CLOSED


Agna dealt with Loki like a pro. When she was done getting him dressed, she came back over to Sigyn and helped her finish her hair, pulling into a slightly more elaborate braid, weaving in strings of gold and topping it off with a gold circlet. “There you are, My Lady. I hope you enjoy your day.” She bowed once more to Sigyn before walking off, ruffling Loki’s hair as she passed him on her way out of the room.

"Goodness, it’s beautiful. Thank you, Agna." Sigyn smiled gratefully back at the servant, turning to look for Loki. The woman was so nice and the young goddess instantly took a liking for her. "She’s wonderful. And dealing with you how she did in such a masterful way, is something that is worthy of admiration." She said in a half joking manner. 

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